Great Lakes Elevator Service

Welcome to Great Lakes Elevator Service,
where quality service and communication is our commitment to you.

Great Lakes Elevator Service, Inc. is a full service elevator company, in Business since 1999, specializing in providing Quality Preventative Maintenance Programs, Service Repairs and Testing, ADA and Life Safety upgrades, and Modernization/Installation of new elevators.

GLES was founded on the following principles:

  • Providing first class service to our customers.
  • Performing maintenance, service and modernizations while minimizing inconvenience to tenants.
    • A proactive approach.
    • Quick responses.
    • A properly trained and highly effective labor force.
    • Quality materials.
    • Provide safe and reliable vertical transportation.
    • Recognize building owner's right to control short and long term costs .
  • Providing first class service to elevator equipment.
    • Individualized or custom systematic preventive maintenance programs engineered for each elevator under our care.
    • An independent approach to each modernization project in an effort to properly suit the demands of the building and the requirements of ownership.

Building Owner's Bill of Rights

  • Equipment shall be universally maintainable.
  • Diagnostics shall be built in.
  • A proprietary tool shall not be required for adjustment or maintenance.
  • Parts shall be available for inventory...not just exchange.
  • Technical training shall be available to all.
  • Engineering and technical support shall be available to all.
  • All manuals and drawings shall be provided.
  • The control manufacturer shall provide direct support to the "end user" and their designated maintenance company.