Green Solutions

Today's competitive markets leave our customers looking to save money through efficiency. Some of the many green solutions our customers are currently in search of include the obvious potential to save money through electrical energy efficiency.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding energy efficiency. We offer many products which would have been designed with the following thoughts in mind:

Elevators consume a significant fraction of the total energy used in tall buildings. In low-rise and mid-rise buildings, their energy use is less substantial, but opportunities for improving conventional practices are huge.

The electricity-consuming elements of elevators are the drive/machine, car illumination, and the controller. Though the illumination in infrequently used elevators can equal the drive consumption, in 99% of cases the drive is the dominant consumer.

The greatest opportunity to select lost-cost, high-performance elevators is early in the design process for a new facility, because the type of elevator selected can significantly affect the space and structural requirements of the hoistway and ancillary spaces. However, any time equipment needs replacing or significant maintenance, upgrading to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems should be considered. Elevators in high-rise buildings use significant amounts of energy, so even marginal improvements in their efficiency can translate into significant savings.

Regenerative Elevator Hoist Motor drives capture mechanical energy generated during approximately 45% of elevator travel and convert it to electricity for the building's power grid.

The Regen AC Regeneration Module is a high performance line regeneration unit for elevator applications.

  • It is an excellent solution that takes excess regenerative energy from the motor and supplies it to the incoming AC power source.
  • Payback can be in less than a year.
  • Unlike braking resistors which have excessive heat generation and large footprints, it can be mounted inside the controller panel with the drive.
  • No additional machine room heating due to braking resistors.

Why do elevator cab lights remain on even when there is an absence of passenger traffic?

Light Watcher

An important amount of energy is wasted by the cabin illumination. More than 40% of the overall power consumption of elevators is wasted by stand-by functions. 1/3 of this energy is for cabin lighting. The LIGHT watcher will enable you to have the cabin illumination simply switched off when not required.