Elevator Maintenance and Service

WE service all types, all brands, and all ages of elevators. No matter what make and model your elevator system is, Great Lakes Elevator Service has successfully serviced them.

To deliver a building's top performance, to protect a buildings elevator assets, and to extend the life of our customer's assets, Great Lakes Elevator Service's maintenance programs are designed to satisfy stringent operating parameters while remaining flexible enough to meet unique customer needs.

Consistent, reliable, and comprehensive elevator maintenance is essential to the smooth and reliable functioning of your building's elevator system. Poor maintenance can compromise elevator performance, including avoidable elevator shutdowns and unpleasant elevator experiences, ultimately notoriously labeling a building for un-safe and un-reliable elevators.

Great Lakes Elevator Service believes that the time has come to restore traditional quality service at competitive prices. We bring highly skilled craftsmen to our customers, so that their equipment receives first class maintenance, modernization or service. Our systematic preventative maintenance programs are engineered to your particular building operation requirements and the needs of the elevator system. This type of maintenance program promotes greater reliability and a higher degree of safety for all passengers.

We also believe that communication with our customers is just as important as the service the elevator systems themselves receive. Great Lakes Elevator Service can provide you with the technology, talent and resources required to protect your investment, provide you with reliable elevator operation, maximize the longevity of your equipment and further enhance the high level of quality service expected by you and your building tenants. You can benefit from the best maintenance program available in the Chicago area by partnering with Great Lakes Elevator Service. We employ a full complement of trained field service technicians who are located in the Chicago area, ready to serve you.

We trust you that you will find this website to be an informative and detailed presentation of the extensive range of services we can provide to you. However, we also take pride in our flexibility. If there is anything further you need, a change in services offered, or if you should have any questions following your review of this website, please do not hesitate in contacting us.